Addon Rambles: SUF

I've been an avid user of Pitbull unit frames for quite a while, but recently I switched to Shadowed Unit Frames (SUF).

Now, it's not that Pitbull was too complicated or something similar - the thing that made me switch was the rune display. Pitbull gives you this standalone bar with fancy rune graphics. That's nice and all, but when a rune is on cooldown it's fairly hard to see that in my opinion.

The way SUF displays your runes is a lot more minimalistic. I have three screenshots here, the first is the normal rune display with all runes (BBFFUU) up.

In the second, a few of my runes are on cooldown, you can notice this because of the lowered opacity and non-full bars. When the bar is full the rune is back up. You can easily tell I have one of each rune up.

In the last screenshot I show how Death runes are displayed: simply gray-colored bars. One FU pair has been converted to Death runes here.

Another feature of SUF I'm pretty happy with (and one that is also of use for my rogue) is the fact that you can anchor frames to eachother. For example, I have my Focus and Focus Target anchored to the top of my own unit frame.

This way, when I built the UI or when I want to rebuild it, I only have to move my own frame and the others follow automaticly. In Pitbull, you'd have to manually reposition every frame seperately.

Which unit frames do you use? Any particular reason why you choose those over the others available?


  1. Interesting UI although I doubt I'll change my own. I use Xperl even though it kinds sucks for flexibility because I really don't need it to be that flexible. All I need to know is who is dead, who is alive and if I'm ok. That's about it, if that. :P I'm a selfish rogue =o It's just me, the target and the rest of the raid be damned XD

  2. I'm a pretty big fan of SUF! I like that it shows druid mana in all forms, and it's pretty easy to set up, including the option to apply certain settings to all frames at once so you don't have to repeat actions. I was using Aguf, but I switched because Aguf was rarely updated. Prior to that I was using Pitbull, but the config baffled me. Prior to that, it was Xperl but I found it had "TMI" and it was hard to disable all the stuff.

  3. @Garona: well, yea, for my rogue's unit frames all I don't need that much fancy stuff either ^^

    @Zelmaru: Ah yes, I've used aguf and Xperl too back in the day ^^ I think I used a seperate addon for displaying druid mana in feral forms before it was built into said addons even >.<

  4. Yeah im sure xperl now displays mana in different druid forms. Also Zelmaru, you can turn off most of the info in xperl so its just a name and a health bar if you need it. That's who i have my xperl raid frames i dont care if you're oom! :P

  5. I gotta agree the runes in Pitbull do suck, those look nice, but I don't play my DK enough to switch at this point. Pitbull is my Raid Frame of choice, and it works very well.

  6. AG units did this before Shadowed Unit Frames ever existed. Fail post is obviously fail.

  7. Also Xperl is the worst add on ever. Ugly as sin. You don't need a cluttered catatostrophic ugly mess on your screen. In any situation Xperl is bad and if you still use it, sorry to inform you but you're bad AND stuck back in BC. They've had better options for unit frames for years.

  8. AG almost never updates and lacks a lot of customizability. I therefore draw the conclusion that you, Jacob, are never updated and lack a lot of customizability and are stuck in puberty.

  9. I've been trying SUF for a bit and just can't stomach it any more. I'm going to give pitpull a try, but probably switch back to Xperl. I thought X was bloated and what-not, but compared to SUF it's just so intuitive.

    For DK action I can't live without DKIRunes, I think it's called. Great, great, great addon. I hate addon bloat; get a good rune display for rune display, and stick with whichever raid frames work best at being raid frames.


  10. @Jacob's first post: I got rid of ag_uf when Pitbull came out because it wasn't being updated anymore, we're at Pitbull4 now and I think the author of aguf has updated it just enough to still work but that's about it.

    @Jacob's second post: I agree on the aesthetic part of XPerl, but I disagree that using it makes you an old fart stuck in TBC - everyone has different preferences.

    @Thomas: I personally haven't had any trouble figuring out SUF. I had to adjust a bit when Pitbull4 used a different interface than Pitbull3, but I can't say they were rocket science to set up the way I wanted them.

    DKIRunes (originally from hence the name iirc) is also good for displaying runes, yes, but I suppose this is where I chose for something that blended in a tad more into my UI.

    It's nice, but I don't really want a seperate addon for it. The same can be said for those energy bar addons - I don't use that. I'm fine with the energy bar implementation of Pitbull, SUF and the likes.