Cataclysm Beta Screenshots [SPOILERS]

As promised, a second batch of screenshots. I hit 81 in Vashj'ir and decided to go to Mount Hyjal. I also made two premade characters on Horde side to experiment a little there, and to explore Horde stuff without getting my head clobbered.

Random flight over Eastern Kingdoms: Menethil Harbor.
Menethil Harbor

No, this isn't a watermount. It's a rather interesting quest.
Suunya riding a shark

Gates of Ogrimmar: Under Construction.
The gates of Orgrimmar

The inside of Orgrimmar looks almost unrecognizeable. Note the two zeppelin towers in the back, on top.
Orgrimmar inside

The Tauren get a cozy place in Orgrimmar.
Orgrimmar, Tauren District

And the Troll "district" looks more Troll than ever.
Orgrimmar, Troll district

Because people need glyphs even in Cataclysm: all glyphs at 3s20c. Free Battered Hilts, too. This might be my chance to do the quest without paying 16k gold for it.
Glyph vendor

Further questing in Vashjir.
Sunken City of VashjirSunken City of Vashjir
Statue of Lady VashjWhale shark and manta underwater mount

Mount Hyjal has some idyllic green places, but it's not all moonrays and flowers.
Mount HyjalMount Hyjal: Sulfurion Spire

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