Banners, Economics, and Ninjas

No, there is absolutely no link between those topics, except that I will put them all in this post, of course.

Admittedly, even I couldn't watch my screenshot banner, so I took an old screenshot of mine and some rogue pics, and made a little more effort in a header image.

Still, I'm not quite happy with how my character is depicted here. This is an old screenshot, because it is the only decent frontal screenshot. Aeltyr has a red ponytail in-game, and no beard. He's semi-naked in this picture, but there's a perfectly logical explanation for that: it is a shot from a beach party RP event, where he is sided with two Blood Elf babes.

I've asked Jessica over at WoWconomics for her opinion on a profession combo. When I get back to the game I will be starting my Forsaken rogue, and rolling a Death Knight as his banking alt. Since a lv 60 Death Knight can basicly learn Grand Master profession ranks, I thought it would be an idea to use him as a mule too. But I'm not very good at profession choices like this, so I asked Jessica what she would deem the best four-profession-combo.
Check her site later today for the answer, and check back some other time here for the concrete benefits this will mean for me.

On a non-WoW related note, I have an exam of Marketing Management coming up next week, so I'm in a real life economic mood as well.


Okay, let's face it. Many people roll rogues for that ninja-feeling. Sneaking, assassinating, daggers, ... gotta be a ninja right?
Well, in fact, ninjas used a far larger range of weapons. They frequently used claw-like weapons much like the fist weapons you can find in the game, or a sickle with a weighted chain attached to it, or a simple club even. There's also a 'fun' weapon called a chigiri-gi, a "breastcutter" which is a staff with two spikes around the middle of the staff, and a chain with a claw attached to it. The spikes are used to trap and break swords, and the claw, well .. to rip you apart. Other than that, smaller things like poisoned caltrops, or less stealthy things like bombs (after the Dutch brought gunpowder to Japan), were also amongst the arsenal of things you can kill people with.
I'll do a post on "Are rogues ninjas ?" some other time to compare more similarities and differences between the two. I'll leave you with a shot of myself, so you have at least a visual image of the nutcase behind this blog.

The female ninja in this blog post is Yù Jiāolóng from the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.


  1. Actually, I liked the old banner better... But part of that may well come from confusion/literal interpetation of your blog name.

    Donno if its possible within blogger, but maybe use both/them all, randomizing them.

    And only rogues who take engineering are ninjas.

    Or maybe, more accurately, only rogues who roll need on, say, Spell power items are rogues.

    =) so many ways to go with that.

  2. Coarse, I came to realize only after posting.... I really have no room to talk about your banner, when I havent even started to think of one to do for my site.


  3. Quoting from Blogazeroth's author introduction:

    "PS: My blog name is thus a play on the popular guild name <And Two Stealthed Rogues> and the fact that I have a druid and two rogues ..."

    Though I deleted the Forsaken one, I intend to revive him again.

    And I have no idea if I can randomize, though I could always make it a .gif I suppose.

  4. Making it a .gif is probably the easiest (as it sounds like you know how to do that.)

    Speaking of, Next time you visit my site, check my banner... Is it working for you? (You should see a sideways ogre saying, "Im sideways, rofl."

    Keep up the great work!