The noob goes raiding again

I see I have been put in the raid line-up for tonight, and on the menu are Malygos, Military Quarter, Frostwyrm Lair, and Sartharion 2/3D.

I'm sure I'l do better on Malygos than last time now that I've gotten a feel of the fight, and while I haven't really done Frostwyrm Lair on my rogue yet I have retroraided Naxxramas before it floated towards Northrend, so the mechanics aren't really new to me.

The big obstacle for me is Sartharion, which sounds quite complicated (what with lava tsunamis, twilight realms and all that crap). Not only that, but we will be doing him with two drakes up, three if we have enough time, so it's also the hardest fight I would face so far.

Now I'm still not that fantasticly geared, but there have been some improvements since last time. I'm now sitting at the poison hit cap. I'm working on expertise (got a Trollwoven Girdle crafted and smacked a belt buckle with an expertise gem on it).

We'll see how it goes. Loot-wise, I don't have a lot of KP, but there is only one rogue that can outroll me on rogue stuff (in this line-up ...) and he has basicly everything you'd ever want (4T7.25, Webbed Death/Murder, etc) so on that regard I'm safe.

Of course, there's still all other classes that want those Tier tokens, and melee competition for trinkets/jewelery, and so on.

Anyway, doesn't matter that much. I'm just gonna try my best for the raid (already got my flasks and food!) and see how things turn out.


  1. Don't worry about stacking expertise too much, limit it to a gem or two MAX throughout all your gear.
    Much more important is Agi/AP. I have 11/11 expertise (+95) and tonight in 25 Naxx I kept up around 3.5k DPS.
    Expertise does help, but it is not as important as hit and other stats (imo).

  2. I wasn't planning on heavily giving up on other stats to get expertise, but thanks for the comment anyway.

    It's just that stuff like a Trollwoven Girdle instead of Eviscerator's Waistguard is a serious upgrade I couldn't really pass.