This'll be a small post since I'm posting from university, but nonetheless. The raid night I spoke about in my previous post didn't go through, because our raid leader decided he needed to revise his priorities and quit WoW. So, kudos to him, but it was of course slightly annoying from a logistic POV.

Yesterday though, a 10 man bonanza was organised and three groups hit the instances. Our group was fairly imbalanced, with way too much melee and an unfortunate early leave by one of the two ranged DPS. We tried Construct Quarter, and got our asses kicked a few times by Grobbulus. We almost had the Patchwerk achievement, with a fight of 3 minutes and 14 seconds.

We decided not to let Grobbulus ruin our evening and went for Sartharion instead (since not all of us, including yours truly, had seen the fight yet). We attempted with one drake first, but we didn't have the tanking or the DPS for it, so we went back to kill the last drake and just downed Sartharion.

The anonymous WWS can be found at this link. You'll notice there's a lot more people in there, this is because I forgot to turn off the WWS when we hit Wintergrasp afterwards /blush.

I am Heian again, and as you can see I did 2700 DPS on Patchwerk. The DPS on Sartharion isn't really representative since I switched Instant Poison for Anesthetic Poison, as the raid leader had asked me to dispel enraged adds with a FoK every now and then (which worked, sort of).

I got enough badges now to buy Lillehoff's Winged Blades, which I'll probably do this evening.

Also, if you have any ideas on a topic I could write on for BigHitBox, please drop a note! I've got the famous writer's block, where you can't write when you have to...