Supermassive Black Hole.

As I said in my previous post, the guild I was in fell apart, and I left for Japan the day after. Now that I'm back I've been thinking about my options for when I start playing again.

Option one: keep Aeltyra as my main.
The easy solution. She's my most advanced character. PvE-wise, one tier 7.10 and one 7.25 piece. One piece that acts as a decent replacement for T7. Crap weapons and quest blues besides that. PvP-wise, one hateful glad piece, two savage glad pieces, and a few titan-forged pieces. Decent OH, crappy MH.

So yeah, barely touching the rest of my guild (I was 'catching up' from my previous exam period) and since it's still a month or so before I'll get back into WoW, it's only going to get worse. On top of that, there seems to be too many melee DPS already.

Still haven't felt the awesome DPS rush either, as I was usually scrambling to stay above our tanks in DPS. I'm not asking to be better than the full T7.25 (and now Ulduar gear too I bet) DPSers, but I hate having to fight to beat the tanks in DPS and essentially being carried through raid content.

Option two: get Azretha from under the dust.
My old main. Full of memories. Level 72, and still all of Northrend ahead of her.
I could get back into tanking (which I would really like) but the lack of changes to druid forms has frustrated me. Also, I feel a bit uneasy with 'cleave' maul, mass swipe and the likes.

I could go for moonkin. It's been a while, and my old healing off-set would probably suffice to let me pick up some balance gear in Northrend. The guild might appreciate another ranged DPS.

Still, there's the druid form thing, and leveling Az would mean shelving out another 1K for Cold Weather Flying.

Option three: level my death knight.
The character I had been spending most time on before the hiatus, actually, was this death knight. She's 68 and had blasted through Outlands. She has only done three zones in Outlands. I was leveling Inscription on this character (together with herbalism and alchemy on my rogue). She's just as good a choice as Azretha to get back into tanking, if not better, because she'd actually look cool while tanking.
Only downside: normal flyer + cold weather = 2K, plus epic flying for convience = 7K.
And then i don't have a single item crafted yet to get me up to date with the rest of the guild.

Option four: reroll.
I'm not sure if this is really an option. So many hours of playtime go to waste. But I'm not sure if I want to go back to my guild, either.

When it reformed, it reformed with a few old officers and a few new officers, and most members came along (some went looking for other guilds, which is fair enough).
So probably, a lot of problems that might have surfaced in the old guild will arise in the new guild as well, since it's mostly the same people.

The officer team is different, the philosophy has stayed roughly the same, though perhaps became a bit more casual. I'm not sure if I want that. Athanatoi barely forced anything in raids. People were showing up in suboptimal specs, with unenchanted gear, without consumables, etc. If someone made a mistake, it was often waved away.

I'm not sure I want to go back to that. I may not have the time to achieve full tier gear and raid every raiding day, but I manage my time so I can be the best damn rogue with that limited time. This is one of the reasons I'm not happy with being on an RP server anymore, either. I don't enjoy RPing anymore, and I feel it is a useless waste of my precious time to sit around doing nothing, when I could level a profession, do some dailies etc to pay the bills.

That said, the goodbye party and the Ventrilo session in which we talked about our memories together were a push in the direction of the new guild and a shove away from my rogue.

When people started talking about 'group one pride' (always the tank group in our 25 man raids) and the theorycrafting in our tanks channel, I was reminded of the great fun I had as a beartank ... and then an evil little voice in my head pointed out there is nothing like that on my rogue.

Yes ... there is a melee group. But in the few times I have been in there, I didn't have the same feeling as group one. Usually, there was no talk at all. Only on XT-002 there was a bit of talk about the light bomb, and I offered to exchange ToTT with the other rogue.

So yeah .. kind of at a loss atm, and I fear it's only going to get worse for when I finally do come back to WoW.

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  1. Druid forms are getting a complete makeover in the next patch. Just thought I'd mention that. Just please, I beg you ... not another death knight.